When it comes to credentials, everything about this welcome reconfiguration of Tony Stevens Slow Ride’s 2008 debut ‘Back To The Fog’’ bears the authoritative stamp of top notch power blues-rock. 

With a line-up formerly out working with Foghat, Rick Derringer and Hall and Oates, the band - named after one of Foghat's most famous songs - captures the pure essence of the 1970s arena circuit. 

Tony Stevens was the original bass player for Foghat, a breakaway from British blues rock band Savoy Brown that infused blues boogie with a metal sound taking it at one point to be the biggest grossing UK act working the US circuit with some 30m album sales. 

For Slow Ride, he recruited former Foghat drummer Eddie Zyne (since sadly deceased, the band now with Eddie’s friend Dave Webster on the stool); Tommy Hall on guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and vocals; and former Clarence Clemons Temple Of Soul and The Livesays frontman Billy Livesay (slide guitar, lead vocals). 

The recorded outcome immediately brings to mind the work of Brits Bad Company, Thin Lizzy,  Nazareth, and the US’s Edgar Winter and early Aerosmith; and, of course, Foghat itself.   

Stevens sought to expand the reach of the Foghat sound commercially and ‘Re-Vamped’, augmented with some of Tony’s solo material, achieves this forging tight and intense, rhythm based rock front-ended by pristine guitar listener-friendly vocals. With Joss Stone’s Steve Gordon on production duties pushing for reach, the listening experience is enriching and exciting. 

Band compositions are augmented by unique versions of Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, Tony’s hero Pete Townsend’s “Stand Together” and Willie Dixon’s “Hoochie Coochie Man” along with the song “Slow Ride”, written by Tony’s former Savoy Brown/Foghat bandmate, the late Dave Peverett. 

The Band 

Tony Stevens: Bass, Vocals 

Eddie Zyne: Drums 

Tommy Hall: Lead Guitar, Vocals 

Billy Livesay: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar 


1. Little Bit of Hurt 
2. Redemption
3. Join Together
4. Hoochie Coochie Man
5. Subterranean Homesick Blues
6. Heavy Weather
7. Magic Hat
8. Under The Heat Of A Full Moon
9. Run to The River
10. Goodnight the Sun 
11. Slow Ride 
12. Pull Me In 

Issued June 2021 by Singsong Music 

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